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IT Consulting

and Design Services

Our enterprise IT team can make things happen from a complete solution to a sounding board for your team to work through issues.

Wireless Network Design and Site Surveys

  • Office design and buildout

  • Warehouse and distribution for WMS and mobile computing

  • Certification of wireless networks

  • BYoD Security and Solutions, Device Self Registration 

  • Guest Wi-Fi Security Solutions 

  • RADIUS and TACACS Solutions 

  • Network Management Solutions

Infrastructure Design

and Cabling

  • Data Cabling

  • Fiber

  • Outdoor physical plant

  • Data Center design and build out

  • Cable and Fiber testing and certification

  • RCDD on staff

VMware Systems

and Solutions

  • Design and Engineer VMware for both traditional storage and hyper-converged solutions

  • Complete installation services for VMware solutions

  • Troubleshooting, consulting, and environmental assessments

Network Switching Design and Implementation

  • Design and Engineer Network Infrastructure

  • Data Center, MDF, and IDF engineering and design

  • Complete Installation and configuration services

  • Troubleshooting, consulting, and network assessments

Technology Security Solutions: Video and Access Control

  • Security Consulting

  • Security Design and implementation

  • Service and support

  • Surveillance solutions

  • Access Control solutions

  • Intrusion detection and monitoring

  • Fencing, gates and turnstiles

  • Amazon Web Service AWS solutions for security

AV Audio Video Solutions

  • Conference rooms

  • Smartboards

  • Video Solutions

  • Projectors and flat screens

  • Digital signage

  • PA systems

  • White noise and sound masking

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